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Epic X™ Comfortable. Versatile. Precise.

At BioSmile Dentistry, Dr. Lorène Catala Boisvert, D.D.S., offers state-of-the-art Aerosol-Free Epic X, one of the most advanced up-to-date and enhanced everyday diode lasers to treat periodontal disease and put you and your smile on the road to good health. Our soft tissue laser technology uses the Epic X; unlike any other diode laser, it’s the first Advanced-grade surgical diode laser in dentistry. It offers a new type of patient experience and better soft tissue control, less bleeding, and more.

Epic X is cleared for temporary relief of minor pain, including pain associated with TMJ or other thermomandibular disorders. As In-office teeth whitening remains in high demand, get quick surgical, faster pain relief, and dramatic results in as little as 20 minutes of chair time.

In addition to soft tissue and whitening capabilities, the Biolase Soft Tissue Laser dentistry Epic X line of diode lasers provides a therapeutic and non-invasive way to treat pain in as little as ten minutes. Curious about laser dentistry? To learn more about Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry, contact us today at (310) 310-4696.

Soft tissue dental lasers allow for:

  • Minimally invasive surgical procedures

  • Improved healing

  • Creates Whiter Smiles Faster

  • Provides Pain Relief Faster

  • Faster recovery from common procedures

  • Treatment on both healthy and diseased tissues (including gum disease and cold sores)

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