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Dental implants offer durability, a natural appearance, and the sensation of real teeth. Whether you opt for a single tooth implant, multiple dental implants, or full mouth implants, our cutting-edge implant technology ensures a lifelong investment in a healthy, confident smile. With our advanced technology, you can enjoy eating your favorite foods and speaking clearly with confidence.

Dental Implant Options at BioSmile Dentistry:

  • CeraRoot Zirconia Implants (Ultra-Biocompatible)

  • Single Tooth Implant

  • Multi Teeth Dental Implants

  • BioHorizon and Genesis Implants

Benefits of Biomimetic Implants:

  • Improved appearance and natural teeth feel

  • Improved speech and eating

  • Improved comfort

  • Improved self-esteem

  • Improved oral health

  • Durability

  • Dental implants prevent bone loss



The Natural and Aesthetic Solution

Dr. Lorène Catala Boisvert, D.D.S., recommends CeraRoot® zirconia ceramic dental implants as the most highly aesthetic and biocompatible solution for replacing missing teeth. 


Zirconia is a fantastic option for metal-free dental implants, thanks to its strong and durable yet biocompatible and bio-inert properties. These implants are known for their long-lasting nature and attractive appearance. Once the implant is fitted with a permanent crown, it blends seamlessly with your natural teeth!


As a certified Ceramic Dental Implant Specialist in Santa Monica, CA, Dr. Lorène Catala Boisvert has successfully placed numerous CeraRoot® implants at BioSmile Dentistry, transforming smiles and restoring confidence.

Get in touch with our office or Click Here to set up a consultation with Dr. Lorène Catala Boisvert to see if the CeraRoot tooth replacement method is suitable for you.

Advantages Ceramic Dental Implants:

  • Ultra-Biocompatible

  • Strength and Durability

  • Corrosion-free

  • Holistic-friendly

  • Implant’s One-piece Design



Restoring Your Smile with Confidence!

At BioSmile Dentistry, we're all about using the latest and greatest in dental implant technology to deliver exceptional results for our patients. Dr. Lorène opts for BioHorizon or Genesis dental implants when the CeraRoot option is not suitable for your specific case.


With our cutting-edge BioHorizon implant system, we can offer excellent treatment options that mimic your natural teeth with amazing accuracy. Additionally, we incorporate the Genesis Dental Implants System, which helps your new teeth blend in seamlessly with your gums for a natural look. 


Our approach prioritizes your oral health, minimizes discomfort, and accelerates your recovery following implant procedures.


Premium 3D Dental Imaging

At BioSmile Dentistry, we utilize the most advanced 3D imaging equipment and software on the market, known as our Planmeca ProMax® 3D Classic. From panoramic to intraoral imaging, our dental implant technology sets new standards in the field, providing clear 3D images of the mandible and maxilla. This highly-intelligent system offers a comprehensive view of the jawbone, roots, and surrounding areas with three types of 3D dental imaging: panoramic, extraoral bitewing, and cephalometric imaging. 

Advantages of Planmeca ProMax® 3D:

  • Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) Image

  • 3D Face Photo

  • 3D Model Scan Into One 3D Image

  • Automatic Patient Movement Correction

  • Ultra Low Dose Imaging



Whether you're interested in dental implants or unsure if you're a suitable candidate, Schedule an Appointment with us to learn more.

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