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We Don’t Just Fill Teeth. We Restore Them.

At BioSmile, the "Bio" in our name, which signifies "Life," embodies our commitment to Biomimetic and Biological dentistry. We take genuine pleasure in revitalizing your smile and enhancing your overall well-being!


Restorative Biomimetic Dentistry at BioSmile Dentistry is all about transforming your smile into its healthiest, most attractive, and functional version, no matter the dental challenges you face. Whether it’s trauma, decay, or any other issue like missing or fractured teeth, we’re here to support you on your smile journey. 


Our commitment to your smile goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about enhancing your overall health and vitality. With our dedicated biological approach we understand the intricate relationship between oral and systemic health, blending the best of Western dental medicine with innovative approaches. 


Whether it's through teeth whitening to enhance its radiance, orthodontic treatments for a straighter smile, aesthetic bondings or veneers for a flawless finish, we always prioritize conservative minimally invasive methods to help you reach your smile goals.


Our approach is deeply personal, utilizing the most advanced modern techniques to ensure you achieve optimal oral health.


At BioSmile Dentistry, we believe in gentle, natural, yet effective treatment that prioritizes your long-term well-being. 

Our Biological and Biomimetic Dentistry includes:

  • Non-toxic Materials

  • Fluoride-free, Mercury-free and Mercury-safe 

  • Ozone Therapy

  • Safe Amalgam Removal (SMART technique)

  • Composite Fillings

  • Veneers, Inlays, Onlays

  • Invisalign 

  • Periodontal Care

  • Crowns And Bridges

  • L-PRF therapies 

  • Ceramic implants

  • Fotona Laser therapies 

  • Holistic KöR Whitening 

Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Catala Boisvert to learn more about BioSmile Dentistry in Santa Monica.

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